OOTD: Dory Moment

This is one of those outfits that I thought about weeks ago but then I had a Dory moment and forgot all about this idea.  But then this morning I had an 'Oh yeah' moment as I stared into my over cramped closet.  

Vest: Old Navy (similar here), JCrew Factory Classic Button-Down Shirt in Gingham, Denizen jeans, Shoes: JCP (similar here)

When I originally thought of this outfit, I didn't plan on wearing the vest with it but I had been missing it.  You see, the zipper is a piece of junk.  You see where this is going?  Because it is a piece of junk it got jammed and I could not get the pull tab to go down.  So since it couldn't go down, the only other option was to make it go up.  I ended up having to remove the top stop with some pliers and slide the pull tab all the way off. Then I put the top stop back on.   The vest had two pull tabs so it wasn't the end of the world that I took one of them off.  The zipper is pretty much useless but I can at least still wear it open with sweaters.  I do love this vest so I'll probably have the zipper replaced next fall.  But until then, I'm going to wear it as long as I can before it's 100 degrees.  Which will be in like...a week.  Ha.  

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