Manic Monday: Spring Brights

Hello everybody!  Today I am linking up with my friend Carylee from More Pieces of Me and Gina from On the Daily Express.  This weekend went by way to fast and it was impossible to get out of bed today.  So today I felt that brights were necessary to help get me out of bed.  

Shirt: Old Navy (old), Skirt: JCrew (similar here), Steve Madden 'Ravesh' Pumps

The only thing manic about today was trying to put Nathan to bed.  Him napping at school has started to become more of a rare occurrence these days and it becomes apparent when the mean things start spewing from his mouth.  For example: "Take my toys to Goodwill." "I want mommy to go to Heaven." "I want this house to catch on fire." "I want Buddy to go back to the farm." How is a parent react to that?  We've tried time out.  We've tried hiding his toys and telling him we took them to Goodwill but those tactics have not phased him.  I have run out of ideas.  I thought the Troublesome 3's were supposed to be bad but they pale in comparison to the Furious 4's.  He did not wait very long after his 4th birthday for his little 'tude to come out in full fource.  Okay, well off to go Google some parenting tips on how to deal with tantrums.  Wish me luck!  

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  1. Oh man, that is manic x 100000! Sorry! Hope things smooth over soon! Not sure where kids come up with these things! I swear they're like drunk little humans! You however look magnificent as always! Perfect brights! Thanks for joining our little linky party!! Carylee |

    1. Thanks! Always glad to link up! We have been diligent about putting him to bed on a schedule. And I'm happy to say that he's taking to it really well and we haven't had any crazy talk since.

  2. Well, your outfit is definitely bright and cheery (and fits you perfectly) even if your 4 year old is not! LOL! Google knows EVERYTHING (and your four year old will probably be telling you that soon if he hasn't already!), so hopefully you found some good info! :)
    On the Daily Express

    1. Yes. If Google doesn't have the answer then he will suggest I turn to Youtube. He's become quite the Youtube prodigy. Ha.



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