OOTD(s): Vest Problem

Hope everybody had a good New Year's!

I've been a little MIA with Christmas and New Year's falling in the middle of the weeks.  Part of me wanted to veg but then I had to go to work. Not to mention the lack of sleep I've been getting because Nathan has been on vacation the past few weeks and his sleep schedule is worse than a teenager's.  We're hosed come Sunday night when we have to try and get him to sleep at a decent hour for school on Monday.

Anyhooo...while I was out doing some Christmas shopping, I was walking through Old Navy and they had a whole bunch of quilted vests that looked very similar to the more pricey JCrew Excursion vests. I love JCrew's excursion vest but I couldn't justify the price or the idea that by next year I might vests. So it seemed silly to me to spend so much money on a piece that I wasn't positive I'd get that much wear out of.  So the Old Navy one was perfect.  The Old Navy version comes in navy, olive green, coral, black and cream.  The the cream must have been popular because there weren't any in my size anywhere in Austin and sold out online.  Leave it to one of my interwebz fashion homies to track one down and ship it to me.  I love social media!   

Vest Problem

So I have been wearing it ever since I pulled it out of the mailbox.  
Vest: Old Navy, Shirt: Old Navy (OLD!), Jeans: Denizen by Levi's, Boots: JCrew (non furry version here

Vest: Old Navy, Shirt: JCrew Factory (similar here), Joe's Jeans 'Gia', Boots: American Eagle

Vest: Old Navy, JCrew Factory 'Charley' sweater, JCrew Factory 'Emery' Flats

The vest is sold out online but I still saw some at my Old Navy.  Might be worth checking out if you've been looking for a fun new layer to add to your wardrobe.  

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  1. You are definitely getting your money's worth out of that vest! I love how you wear it every. Single. Time!

    1. Thanks Carylee! I sure am! Best $25 I've spent this year.



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