OOTD: Two Face

Anybody remember that Seinfeld episode where Jerry is dating the girl that looks different in different lights? You don't?  Well here's the clip.  

I try to take my pictures in the mornings because my makeup is fresher and the lighting is usually less harsh.  Heck.  The lighting in the morning makes me look like I actually have makeup on.  Afternoon shots are a crapshoot.  Case in point


Yesterday after work...
Banana Republic Floral Beaded Pullover, Polka Dot Capris: Old Navy (similar here), JCrew Factory 'Emery' Flat
Pretty scary right?  


This morning...

Elle Denim Jacket, Tunic: Anthropologie, Tank Top: Old Navy, Lululemon Wunder Under Crops, Flats: JCP (LOVING these sparkly ones!)

But sometimes morning shots aren't possible.  Oh well.  I just think it's funny how extremely different I can look from picture to picture that sometimes I don't even recognize myself.  Ha.  Have a great weekend everybody!

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