Manic Monday::Minty Monday

Today I am linking up with Cary and Gina  another Manic Monday! 

More Pieces of Me

Or should I say, Minty Monday?

Gingham Shirt: JCrew Factory (similar here), Sweater: Old Navy, Levi's Denizen Jeans, Flats: Worthington

I've worn this sweater and these flats together before but I am so addicted to pattern mixing that the sweater seemed so...boring.  As I was trying to fall asleep last night I mentally scanned my closet and had an aha moment.  I could sleep peacefully knowing what I was going to wear today. Why can't I have those aha moments in the morning when I'm staring into my closet?  It would make mornings so much easier.  

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  1. Hahah! I mentally scan ALL the time! It's so funny when we get that brain fart of a combination in our heads! Ohhh shopaholic problems! Thank you so much for linking up! You know I love this outfit! You're the master at pattern mixing!!

    1. I learned how to pattern mix from the best. ;-)

  2. What a cute outfit and I especially love the idea of pairing the mint flats with the grey sweater. You always look adorable and I'm so glad to have you linking up again! :)
    On the Daily Express

    1. Thanks! I fell in love with the JCrew ones Blaire from Atlantic-Pacific had last year but just could not stomach the price. So I thought these were a good alternative. Glad to be linking up again. This is so much fun!

  3. That polka dot top is so cute! I like the matching shoes paired with the mint polka dots :)

    Away From Blue



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