Shopping Habit: Winter Wonderland

This weekend was cold and gross but Mindy and I braved the cold and wet weather on Friday to continue our yearly tradition of trekking into Austin for the Junior League's Christmas Affair. And the decorations totally took our breath away and made us forget how ugly it was outside.   The Jack and Coke might have helped with that too.  :-)  

 photo ebbac2f8-0297-40b0-8779-e159c1620276_zpse6397153.jpg

 photo cf7cc091-6ee0-488a-a495-667c375e0b79_zpse16d2c94.jpg

I put myself on a shopping freeze for the last month in order to be able to do some major damage at the Christmas Affair.  I didn't do too bad this year even though I was shopping with my partner in crime.  I always end up buying way more than I anticipate when I'm shopping with somebody else.  

 photo FCF9071F-DB51-4CAB-AD48-01ABF54FF4AE-1159-0000031107173FDE_zpsab8689a8.jpg
I'm thinking that I'm going to wear this for Thanksgiving with my tights, tall black boots and throw on my faux fur vest depending on how cold it gets.

 photo CAC83DAA-3213-4EB5-8DA8-7F426FA46845-1159-0000030D13EEF757_zpsecdad2e5.jpg
Part of our tradition is always going to one particular booth because they have fantastic pricing for the same items that other booths have.  This year we both got way too many scarves.  Geee...I wonder why.  Couldn't have had anything to do with the temperatures being in the 30s.  I love the horse one. I thought it was colorful blobs but when I got it home, I realized it was a horse print.  I also bought the two sparkly pretties from a booth called Erin's Earrings.  She only sells at the Christmas Affair.  Totally worth checking out if you go next year.  

The rain did let up long enough for us to venture out on Saturday and return a few things and for Nathan to take a look at the Macy's Christmas tree.  

 photo 8646e9b1-79e0-4ddb-b9cf-4896cc6d8edb_zps96fa5271.jpg
"Ummmm...Mama?  Can we put this in the back of your car and take it to nana's?"
I wish buddy.  But we were in J's BMW.  :-)  Wonder what he would have said if he had seen the Christmas Affair tree.  :-)

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