30 in 30: Last 5

I know.  I know.  It's been 11 days since I started this challenge and I was still missing 5 pieces.  So here ya go.  A cold snap is expected for tomorrow and Wednesday so I think I'm going to have to go ahead and add these leggings into the mix.  And as much as I really didn't want to include my Intyce boots, I've been wearing them a lot.  So add that to the pile.  And I can't forget about the Bobeau Fleece Wrap Cardigan.  They are soooooo soft and warm.  I've got it in black and mink.  One more piece to pick.  Hmmmmm...maybe I'll let J help me pick it.

I will say that the challenge kind of goes out the window for me on the weekends because I am in survival mode trying to run after/run away from a light sabre wielding Nathan.  So comfort and ease of just being able to throw something on is key.  Plus, also, we usually don't venture out of the house until 3.  And that's on a good day. 

Here's what I wore for date night Friday night.
Please excuse the pile of clothes on the glider.  That's all J's stuff I should add. :-)

And here was what I wore to brunch on Saturday with one of my high school friends.

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