30 in 30: Day 6

When I checked the weather last night, my phone said it was going to be in the 60s today.  I went for my run this morning and it was a mild  66 degrees.  So I wore this and I put Nathan in shorts and a t-shirt.  By the time I left the office at 11:30 for lunch, the temperature had dropped nine degrees.  Fark.  I froze my butt off today and I wondered what Nathan's teachers and the other parents thought about me sending my kiddo to school in shorts and a t-shirt.  Luckily, my Facebook feed was full of other moms who weren't expecting such a drastic temperature drop either.  That's the last time I trust the weather app on my phone.  I guess the last five pieces should be something a little warmer for unexpected cold days like today. 

 photo 40667459-9f6c-4452-84ce-282bda95381f_zpsc4e72be6.jpg

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