OOTD: Twinsies

Target released their Phillip Lim collection last Sunday.  I totally forgot about it until almost nine o'clock the night of the release and by then it was too late to order anything online but I did manage to go and find a few things in store during the week.  One being this skirt.   I really couldn't decide if I wanted to keep it or not.  So after staring at it for a week I finally I decided it's a keeper and cut off the tags.  I kind of laughed because one of my fashionable blogger friends, Cary, decided to wear hers today as well.  I love to see how others style the same pieces.  

Top: Banana Republic Factory Store, Skirt, Pumps

Did you buy anything from the Target+Phillip Lim collection?  If so I would love to see what you got and how you're styling the pieces.  

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  1. Thanks for the mention, lady!! You look great in this! And I agree, I love seeings how others style the same pieces I have. And the fact that it's *you* makes it an even happier moment for me! :)



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