OOTD: Short Day

I know.  I know.  It's been a while.  It's also been one crazy ass summer that I will spare you the details on.  So to ease back into this whole blogging thing again, I figured I'd start with something simple.  

 photo 945d8383-a42a-4b6b-947b-0090b2622f49_zps459972d7.jpg

Bossman is out of town.  It was a short day because I had a dentist appointment and I came home to snuggle with Nathan.  I dropped him off at school yesterday and hadn't even made it to the office before I got a call from his teacher saying that he threw up several times.  So I had to turn back around and eave him in the over capable, often times OCD, hands of J and rushed back to work. So today will be my turn to hang out with the little dude.  So I figured shorts were in a order since today was going to be short day.  

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