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As closing day approaches (It's on FRIDAY ya'll! ZOMG!) outfits have been repeats.  J and I went to the design center to make our final selections this past weekend.  It's starting to feel a little more real now.  I just have to say how much we have LOVED working with David Weekley.  They have such exceptional customer service.  We met with Jessica for our second design appointment and I think we are pretty happy with the options we have chosen.  They have so many standard great standard options.  Which wasn't the case  with some of the other builders we bad looked at.

So since I am photo editing challenged I am going to explain our choices counterclockwise the best I can.  Here goes.  

The wood is an engineered hardwood and will go in the office area of the house.  Ideally I would have LOVED to put the wood in the hallways, kitchen, breakfast/dining area, living room but I don't think it would survive long with Nathan and Buddy.  So tile seemed the logical choice for the other areas. 

So the 17" tiles will be laid in a diagonal pattern starting from the front door all the way through the areas that I mentioned I would have liked the wood:  hallways, kitchen, breakfast/dining area, living room.  

The 13" tiles will go into the powder room, guest bathroom and master bathroom.  They will also be diagonal on the shower walls and on the tub surround in the master bathroom. The glass tiles above the tiles in the picture will be the tub top.  We will also have a band of the decorative glass tile in the shower.  Somewhere.  Not sure where. 

The carpet will be in all the bedrooms.  I know carpet is so 90s these days but it feels homey to us.  Don't ask us why.  I'm already having trouble trying to wrap my head around the common areas being tile. 

To the right is a slab of New Venetian Gold granite.  We thought this was a level above what was standard and therefore extra money.  When we met with Jessica, our design consultant, she was pretty certain that it was a standard selection and said that if it wasn't then we would get the Jessica special, meaning that she would eat the cost.  So we we took her up on her offer and chose the New Venetian Gold.  Had it not been an option, we would have chosen Santa Cecilia which is very similar.  The samples they had in the showroom weren't as pigmented and were more prone to looking green which worried J.  So to be on the safe side, we went with New Venetian Gold.  

The sheet paper above the granite is the paint color.  I forgot what the name of it was though.  And I honestly don't even know the brand of the paint.  The only option we are opting for is that for an added fee (of course) instead of having everything painted your paint color choice, you can have them paint your ceiling white.  Since we've lived in a house with white popcorn ceilings for last almost decade it seems almost unnatural not to have a white ceiling.  We'll just skip the popcorn please.  Plus it'll make the space feel bigger since we'll be downsizing from our current 15' ceiling height to 10'.  That is one thing I will miss about this current house.  

The cabinets...will be the standard dark espresso poplar they offer.  Since we did so many nickel and dime upgrades we needed to stick to the standard cabinets.  It's funny that we chose the dark cabinets because we just painted our current cabinets white.  But just to give you an idea of David Weekley's upgrade structure...they start off with their standard level and then they go up to Level E.  Guess what level upgrade white cabinets would have been?  Level E!  So I didn't even ask.  Ha.  

In an effort to try and break up some of the dark in the kitchen we opted for a travertine backsplash (travertine is under the cabinet door). The good thing is that unlike the floor, we could have the backsplash installed in any pattern we wanted without it costing more.  I have been loving the herringbone trend I have been seeing in home decor lately so I thought it would be cool to have it for the backsplash.  J even likes it.  :-)

We've got one more meeting with Jessica to go over fixtures.  We kind of hate all the light fixtures that David Weekley has to offer.  So we're pretty much going to stick to the ugly standard ones so we don't have to spend any extra money for upgrade (which are still ugly) and then buy and install prettier lights ourselves once we move in.  However, we do have to have them install ceiling fans with wiring in the two spare rooms because they only come with dome lights because living in Texas without fans is insane.  The important reason for the install is that we need wiring for the fans installed so we don't have to hire an electrician to come do it for twice the price later on.

Then J will meet with the low voltage electrical specialist and then I think we're scheduled to break ground on June 27th.  Woo hoo!  

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