I'm pretty brave when it comes to my hair as far as cuts but I've always been hesitant to color my hair because I dreaded it coming out copper.  I can't explain it but I can't stand it when my hair looks copper.  So when my friend Katie at Zig Zag Salon asked me when she'd get to ombre my hair I decided my friendship with her was worth trying to color my hair again.  So I scoured Pinterest to find Asian ombre examples, found one, e-mailed it to her a week in advance and after five hours of treatment I was done.

 photo file_zps690e3ff5.jpg

 photo file_zps65845ec0.jpg 
I love it.  It is a little brassy on the ends but I think that's fairly common for such a dramatic change from dark to light.  So Katie told me that I should get some purple shampoo to try and neutralize the brassiness.  I went to Sally's and picked up Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo on my way home after it was recommended to me by some of my internet friends.  So hopefully it works as well as they said and the reviews seemed to agree.  So we'll see.  Can't wait to go back to Katie and have her lighten the ends a little more.  

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