Nathan: Play time

My vacation with Nathan is coming to an end and I have to go back to work tomorrow  It was a very productive time off but we did manage to have fun.  Especially after Nathan's birthday present got assembled yesterday courtesy of Nana and Poppy.  

 photo FB0730FB-56CF-4954-A080-75A92A09A7A9-28796-00001FCDFB452136_zpsc2aef31f.jpg
Assembly for us was easy because we hired The Swingman to assemble it for us.  J and I are not handy at all.  He's been assembling nothing but playscapes for more than 20 years so felt like it was best to have somebody with that much experience put it together because like I said, we're not handy.  The thought of this structure falling apart scares the crap out of us.  Nathan was so excited to see it being assembled outside.  He kept going to the window and declaring that he was ready to go play on his playground.  So eight hours later, The Swingman informed us that the playground was ready and that we could release the toddler.    

 photo 7EA45F32-0E8D-4FE9-ABC3-F1739F08D45E-28796-00001FCE06CBA9A2_zpsef16f443.jpg think he likes it?

 photo A0F82C87-F571-42BE-933F-D2AC8289FE7D-28796-00001FCE0E395E66_zps60fddaf6.jpg
I'm not sure.  Hmmmm.  Just to make sure, we had a playdate with our friends today.

 photo file_zps488f910c.jpg
 Yep. I think he likes it.  I guess we'll need to invest in lots of sunblock this year because I don't foresee us spending a whole lot of time inside this summer.  

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