Nathan: Can you tell me how to get...

To Sesame Street Live?  J's dad's company is a huge advertiser with the University of Texas.  So one of the perks that come with being such a big advertiser is they get an allotment of tickets for events.  We usually don't take him up on offers for tickets but this year we thought it might be fun to try and take Nathan to see Sesame Street Live.   Now that we're nearing the end of the Terrible 2's and about to enter the Troublesome 3's, Nathan's been a bit...high maintenance?  He definitely has opinions on things and lets us know when he likes or dislikes something.  I wanted to take him to see the show this year while he still kind of likes Sesame Street.  Who knows if he'd still like it when the show came to town next year. As much as we really wanted him to like the show we knew he could go either way.  He could really love it or he could really h-a-t-e (we're having to spell some words because when he hears us say some bad ones he turns into a parrot) it.  We've been talking to him about it for the past week trying to get him excited.  One day he'd be excited and then the next he'd decides he doesn't want to go.  Even as we were loading him into the car to go to the show, he was insisting that he did not want to go.  Ruh-roh.

We got to the show with five minutes to find our seats and got settled in.  As soon as Nathan saw Murray he got still and he totally forgot that an hour earlier he said he didn't want to go.

 photo DSC_0563_zpsa9668fe4.jpg

I think it helped that Elmo came onto the stage in a taxi. I think Nathan was more fascinated by the taxi than by Elmo.  photo DSC_0565_zps76f2e11e.jpg

 photo DSC_0571_zps1cc7b210.jpg 

He hopped from one lap to the next until 30 minutes into the show, he declared he was ready to go home.  I'm honestly surprised that we were able to stay that long.  He doesn't like large crowds or loud noises so I was nervous that he would flip out and we'd have to leave within five minutes.  I even ordered a pair of earmuffs for him to wear just in case (which I figured he wouldn't wear anyway because he h-a-t-e-s anything on his head) but figured I'd at least have an option if it was too unbearably loud for him.  But he gave no indication that the noise was too loud for him.  He's just a squirmy little boy and he was ready to go.  So we left and went to one of our new (to us) favorite burger joints in town and let him play on the playground.  That was definitely more up Nathan's ally. Maybe I'll get lucky and he'll still like Sesame Street next year and we can try to go again next year.  We'll see.   

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