OOTD: Pleats? What pleats?

Does the skirt look familiar?


It's my beloved pleated skirt but something's missing.  Oh yeah.  The pleats.  I had a little ironing mishap when getting ready this morning.  This skirt had a few wrinkles in it and so I thought I was following the directions and ironing on low.  I guess low wasn't low enough and it took out the pleats in that one section of the skirt.  So then I really had no other option but to iron out the pleats on the rest of the skirt.  I will say, that while I did like the skirt, I did wish that the pleats were a tad bit tighter.  Now I guess I need to track down a replacement.  It shouldn't be that hard to do since it seems like pleats are everywhere.  I guess it's off to the rest of interwebz to find one.  See ya! 

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