Nathan: First school picture

I present to you Nathan's first school picture.


I don't think he was very excited about getting his picture taken.  At least he didn't follow mom's lead and stick out his tongue and run off when told to smile.  He just decided not to smile.  Ideally, I would have dressed him in something else but picture day kind of just snuck up on us.  The picture was taken back in October and all the stores had nothing but bulky winter wear while the temperatures were still in the 70s to 80s.  Nathan's a mini heater so I knew there was no way he could wear the winter stuff and not combust.  So this was the only thing that I could find in his wardrobe that he could still fit into and that wouldn't result in a visit to the ER due to heat exhaustion. And good word. All these years since I was in elementary school and they still have the same boring and dated photo backgrounds?  Really?  I guess I should be happy that it's not the laser lines.  There's always next year.  

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