OOTD: Seeing Red

We had a pretty rough weekend with Nathan.  He's been on antibiotics for an ear infection since Thursday.  TMI ahead.  He had 12 runny diapers on Friday which we suspect was due to the medication.  He was complaining that his tummy hurt and we couldn't get him to eat or drink any fluids.  I managed to talk to the nurse on Friday afternoon and we were given a new medication.  He still has a few runny diapers here and there but not as bad as they were on Friday.  He still hasn't really had an appetite or want to drink fluids.  I pretty much had to force feed him through him screaming and throwing food back at me.  Great.  I kind of lost my temper and even said that he was being a bit of a brat and just had to walk away as I tagged J to take my place in the ring of fire. Definitely not my finest moment as a mom. 


I don't know why I thought wearing red was a good idea but that's the only color I could see after this morning.  

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