OOTD: Reinventing the wheel

Is one of bossman's favorite phrases.  I would never try and reinvent the wheel but I did decide to try and recreate one of my favorite outfit outfits.

This was one of my favorite outfits after I had Nathan.

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(I can't believe how long it's been since I took a camera phone, mirror shot of an outfit.  How times have changed!

But sadly, the shirt got a hole.  Then when the pants got big due to weight loss, I donated them.  It was a sad day and I almost thought about keeping them but why would I ever need in-between sized pants ever again?  Well, here I am two years later, with a slowing metabolism and a growing waistline and I need my in-between clothes back.  I went back to American Eagle to see if I could find the pants again but the current version of the boyfriend jean doesn't feel the same.  

So today's outfit is about as close as I'm going to get to re-creating my old one.

Definitely not one of my more creative outfits but I felt like being comfortable.  And I have worn these jeans so much that I've finally got the fresh out of the wash stiffness out of them.  I'm kind of dreading when I have to wash them again.  How much crud can you spill on something before you really need to wash it?  Nathan managed to fling apple sauce and yogurt on them this week.  Thank goodness they're a dark wash.  

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