Nathan: Weekend fun!

If I said our lives didn't revolve around Nathan I'd be lying.  This weekend was full of Nathan activities.

I heard about an event called Touch-A-Truck and knew that Nathan would LOVE to get behind the wheel of all the different vehicles.  He's very into trucks these days.



Photobucket Photobucket


I wonder which one of the vehicles was his favorite.  We stayed there for an hour and a half before we all started melting and still hadn't seen all the vehicles.  Can't wait for this event next year.

Our day wasn't close to being over.  Our friend Calvin was having his 6th birthday party at a bowling alley on steroids.  Nathan has been intrigued with bowling after watching a bowling episode of Curious George.  I was kind of curious how bowling with a toddler would be and figured he would just roll the ball down the lane but the bowling alley already thought of that and had this nifty little ramp that the little ones could put the ball on and shove it down the lane.  Pretty darn cool if you ask me.  It didn't take Nathan long to figure out how it worked.  After he'd launched one ball, he'd head back to the ball shoot to grab another ball.  I'm glad we both managed to leave with no damage to our toes.  I will say there were a few close calls.



Are you exhausted yet?  That was just our Saturday.  Whew.  Typing that all up was just as exhausting as the day was.  Thank goodness for daylight savings time and getting an extra hour of sleep.  I needed it.  Hope ya'll had a good weekend and your week is starting off great.  Off to go fix the picky eater's lunch for school.  

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