OOTD: While you were sleeping

I was wide awake.  Well not really but do you ever have one of those nights where you awake sleep?  You don't feel like you're fully asleep and are totally aware of what's going on around you while you try and catch some zzzz's?  I had a four day weekend because Nathan's school was closed for Columbus Day on Monday and Casa de Nana is closed until tomorrow as she travels with my father-in-law for work.  So J and I split the baby (we didn't really split the baby) and I stayed home with Nathan Monday and Tuesday, dropped him off at school this morning and J picked him up and tried to keep him entertained at home, all the while trying to get some work done.  That's always productive.

So last night, I had to try and wrap my head around the idea of coming back to work today and all the things I needed to do at home and once I got back to work.  I don't know what it is about the beginning of a new work week that always has me on edge and prevents me from getting any real sleep.

So since I couldn't sleep, I had some time to think about what to wear today in between worrying what I was going to pack for Nathan's lunch and the pile of stuff I knew was waiting for me at work.

Shirt: JCrew Factory Store, Skirt: Anthropologie, Shoes: Talbots, Belt: Kohl's

Nothing like yellow to wake you up when you didn't get enough sleep.  It gives the illusion of being bright, cheerful and well rested.  I was far from well rested this morning.  

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