OOTD: Boots with the fuuuur

I had been foaming at the mouth to pull out some winter wear when 50 degree weather was being forecasted for today.  I started daydreaming about the cozy and warm outfit I would wear.  Of course, the possibilities were endless but this outfit won out because temperatures are supposed to warm back up into the 60s tomorrow.  

Sweater: Gap, Shirt: Hanes (borrowed from J), Jeans, Booties
Fuzzy collared sweater?  Check.  Fuuuurry, wedge booties?  Check.  Apple Bottom Jeans?  I'll stick to my Lucky's.  :-)  Now off to go take in this fabulous fall weather and eat some spicy crock pot ribs, carve our pumpkin and watch the Great Pumpkin with Nathan.  

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  1. Ooohh, is that "the" lipstick??! Nice! BTW, did you stop your FB blog updates? Seems like I'm always behind but then it's cool because I have so much to get caught up on when I visit your site :)

    1. Yep. It's "the" red lipstick. I love it. I've been kind of torn on if people think me posting the links to my posts on FB is annoying or cool. :-)

    2. I think it's cool. Otherwise it takes me at least a month to remember to check your blog ;)



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