OOTD: Bootcamp bound

No.  I didn't sign up for the Army.  Instead, I signed up for a fitness bootcamp.  I've done a bootcamp in the past but was kind of disappointed in myself because I just didn't make it to the sessions as often as I would have liked and it was HARD.  Oh my goodness was it hard.  But looking back, I realized that maybe I was being too hard on myself.  It was July when I signed up.  What in the world was I thinking?  On top of that, I think it had only been five months since I had Nathan.  So I wasn't totally up to my pre-Nathan workout standards.  Hopefully this next round of bootcamp will go better.  So I figured I'd break out and break-in my new camo skinny pants and try and mentally prepare myself for my bootcamp that starts on Tuesday.  Ya'll...I'm scared.

Shirt: Express, Pants, Shoes
For those of you that are scared of skinny pants, these may change your mind.  They are the comfiest pants EVER.  No muffin top.  No sagging.  And not constricting like denim.  If the camo scares you even more, GAP does carry them in what they call juniper green, neon coral and black.  I might need to go buy another pair in black for the winter.

Today's J'ism for ya.  I had an IM conversation with J while at work.  I told him to guess what crazy outfit I was wearing today.  His response, "Pleather?"  Hmmmm...good suggestion.  :-)  I'll have to file that one away for another day but he's catching on.   

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