Nathan: October Madness

Since I have been slightly under the weather, I figured this would be the perfect time to do a post about Nathan.

They say it's fall but I say that's debatable.  Since the temperatures have cooled down just a tad, Nathan loves taking trips to the pumpkin patches around town.  To date, we have visited two patches.  I'm sure we might squeeze in another visit before the end of the month.

One weekend we went and visited my friend, Katy, at Evergreen Farms. It was great. Nathan went on a pumpkin hunt

Who knew pumpkins grew in trees?!?  I learn something new.  Nathan has been trying to jump and it was so cute watching him try and jump to grab the pumpkins out of the trees.  

Then he tackled their maze. Photobucket 
He did good until about halfway through and was in the depths of the maze before he got lost and started to get frustrated.  Luckily some older kids ran through the maze and he followed them out.  He loves to chase bigger kids around. 

Of course we couldn't leave the farm without visiting this guy.
"Well hello there."



The next weekend we went to a church pumpkin patch.  Each patch has their own coolness to them and Nathan was OBSESSED with the wagons at the church patch.  


I guess I better start looking up some pumpkin recipes because Nathan loaded up his wagon.


Today we did a Halloween dress rehearsal.  We attended a fundraiser for a friend who's husband had a stroke and as a result was left paralyzed and recently lost his vision.  Doctors have not been able to determine the cause of any of it.  So to help with medical bills, we decided to have a fundraiser.  One of the girls offered to take pictures of the kiddos dressed in their Halloween costumes.  Nathan was kind of shy and as soon as he saw the playground in the distance he became antsy. 

PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Hopefully the photographer was able to get some shots of Nathan but if not, at least I now to avoid trick-or-treating routes next to playgrounds.  

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