OOTD: Two for Tuesday

Sunday night I didn't sleep well, dreading Nathan's day ahead.  He hadn't gone to school on Friday because he was sick.  I was nervous of how that one day of missing school would affect Nathan's progress on adjusting to the new routine.  Earlier that night, I received an e-mail from his teacher suggesting it might be a good idea if we brought him in ten minutes early.  The goal was for him to have some one on one time with his teachers and get settled in.  The new tactic didn't really work as expected.  J and I had to scurry away after saying our goodbye as Nathan called out for daddy.  J was assured at pick-up that he calmed down after the class went to the playground.  So tomorrow's drop off strategy is to bring him right before playground time.  I'm hopeful that this new tactic will work.  

Here's yesterday's outfit that I'm just glad wasn't my pjs.  One of these days I'll figure out how to function on school days.  
Shirt, Jeans: KUT, Shoes: Old Navy (similar here)

A little more rested today and not as rushed, I managed to put some effort into today's outfit.  It didn't require a whole lot of brain power on my part because I saw this outfit on Tara's blog the other day. 

Blazer: Banana Republic Factory Store, Dress, Necklace: Ebay, Shoes: Purchase from a fellow blogger  (similar here)

 I figured I'd save the denim jacket for tomorrow's outfit.  Yep.  I already know what I'm wearing tomorrow.  Shocker.  

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