OOTD: Short week

It's always hard to get out of bed and get motivated on Mondays.  It's even harder when it was a three day weekend.

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Shirt: Old Navy (similar here), Skirt: Banana Republic Factory Store (2011), Shoes: Aldo (2011), Necklace: Sam Moon

Honestly, I wished I could just stay home in my pjs as I prepare for tomorrow.  Tomorrow is Nathan's first day at Mother's Day Out and I'm taking the day off so J and I can drop him off and I can be there to pick him up at the end of his day.  We signed him up for Mother's Day out back in March and back then September felt so far away but here were are ready to send our little guy off to school.  Talk about a bag of emotions.  On one hand I'm excited that he'll get to go and hang out with other kiddos and learn some great stuff but on the other hand, it just reminds me that he's growing up.  Hopefully I can keep it together long enough to drop him off.  Can't guarantee that I won't turn into a crying blob once I get to my car.  I need to make sure to wear the waterproof mascara tomorrow.  I thought that stuff would only be useful for trips to the splash park and the pool.  Add school drop off to that list of uses.  Okay.  Off to finish pack Nathan's lunch and pick out his outfit for his first day.  

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