Nathan: First Day of Mother's Day Out

Waterproof mascara was my BFF today because today was Nathan's first day at Mother's Day Out.  He'll be going Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  We didn't want to completely do away with his days at Casa de Nana's but we did want to put him in a program so he can have some sort of structure to his day.  The biggest thing we wanted him to get out of the whole experience (or experiment I should say) is that he learns to socialize with other kids and make some new friends.  He seems very curious about other kids but hasn't had a whole lot of opportunity to interact with any.

I tried my hardest to keep it together and get a picture of Nathan on his first day of school but...


he wasn't as enthusiastic.  I feel ya buddy.  Nobody likes being woken up early.  

I didn't manage to get any pictures of him in his class.  I figured that since it was the first day of school that the teachers would stick to the schedule but I think we were let into class a few minutes later than planned for photo ops.  Plus I was feeling optimistic and ambitious and thought maybe I would go to the gym after drop off.  So I wore my workout clothes to drop off.  

As soon as we walked into his class, he let go of our hands and he was off like a rocket to check out all the cool toys in his classroom.  He did unbelievably well.  I didn't want to just sneak out and tried to say goodbye and that we would be back at two o'clock to pick him back up but I got all choked up and had to run out the door before he saw me do the ugly cry.  J of course handled his goodbye much better, leaving him with a high five.  

I have never been more nervous in my life.  I was jumpy the whole five hours.  Expecting a phone call saying that Nathan just was hysterical and that maybe we needed to pick him up.  But I knew better.  He had two very capable teachers who have been in the biz for almost three decades combined.  Given my short career in child care I would never call a parent because their child was having a rough time and would try and soothe them because they need to adjust to their new surroundings.  I admit.  I kind of got there 30 minutes early for pick up, anticipating that he would be wide eyed and bushy tailed waiting by the door.  But when we walked back into his classroom at two, we found him calmly sitting at his little table munching on some Goldfish and his teacher reported that he did very well.  But the million dollar question...did he nap?  I would have put all my money down in Vegas that there was no way he would take a nap.  But I guess peer pressure works because the teacher said that at first he wanted to get up and walk around.  When he saw the other kids laying down, he followed and drifted off to sleepy town.  Well okay then.  I'm glad my worrying was totally unnecessary.  I'm hoping that this was not just a fluke and that he enjoys and looks forward to going to school.  One more first to check off the list.  

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