DIY: Cap-Toe flats

This past spring, Ann Taylor came out with their oh so bright and lovely Elizabeth Pointy Toe Flats and it didn't take long before they started popping up on some of my most read blogs.


Only problem was, the original price was $120 and then when they finally went on sale, they ran out of my size.  Oh well.  I figured it just wasn't meant to be.  But one day, while browsing on Old Navy's website, I found these simple, nude flats and thought how easy it would be to paint a cap toe on them.  Well what do you know...InStyle must have read my mind because in their fall makeover issue, they published instructions on how to DIY cap toe flats.  The instructions looked simple enough.

So with my 20% off coupon in hand, I went to Old Navy and grabbed a pair of flats for $18.36 then stopped by Michael's and grabbed a tube of neon pink acrylic paint for $.64.  Trying to pick a color was so hard.  You think it'll be so easy until you get to the store and realize they have glitter paint and glow in the dark paint but I decided to just get a plain jane hot pink.  I should have made a paint suicide and just mixed them all together.

I measured out 1.5 inches from the toe and taped it off using Scotch Blue Painters tape.

Then I started painting.  J walked past me painting away in the kitchen no less (multi-tasking at it's best folks) and I heard him mumble, "Painting your own shoes?  Now I've seen it all."  I was kind of worried when I started painting because the paint was pretty transparent and looked streaky but after about five coats of paint, there weren't any streaks and wasn't see through.  Then I removed the blue painters tape and...

Voila...Neon cap toe flats!

I will say that I think that I would add one more step to the DIY instructions that Instyle didn't mention.  I think that some sort of clear coat should be applied on top of the paint to prevent the paint from coming off.  When dry, the acrylic paint looks powdery and by about 2 o'clock, the paint was starting to rub off.  So if you're bored and are looking for a creative outlet, who needs canvas when you can paint shoes?

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