OOTD: Two for Tuesday

The bossman is out of town on vacation.  So out come the casual outfits.  

Yesterday I needed something bright to help me wake up. 
Dress:  Target, Sandals: Steve Madden from Sam's Club

Today was supposed to be muy caliente so I figured I'd embrace the freakishly hot weather.
Crochet sweater: Sears, Dress, TOMS

Where did those bags under my eyes come from?  Oh I know.  From four nights of crappy sleep because Saturday night, genius me decided that maybe this was a good time to ween Nathan from his morning and night milk "ba".  We were lucky and he ditched his binky when he was six months old because he had a cold and I think he knew that breathing was a vital part of surviving.  Binky was not.  We've been dreading this day but he starts school next month and I don't imagine that they'll let him use a bottle.  So Saturday night as he retreated into the room calling for his ba as he went, I told him I would get him a milk cup and he stopped in his tracks.  There were tears.  There was anger.  There was even self pity.  He would lay in the bed and say, "Poor buddeeeee." And finally, after about an hour of that and he couldn't fight anymore, he fell asleep.  

Last night I thought we had made progress.  I took him to the pool.  Then the playground.  Came home ate dinner.  Gave him a bath and then we lay down in bed.  After about 30 minutes of cuddling he fell asleep.  But come 3:30 I heard, "milk ba.." being whispered into my ear.  I pretended I didn't hear it because sometimes he will go back to sleep.  He got a little louder.  "Milk Ba?"  Each time the intensity and volume increased until finally he was a siren going off and there was no ignoring him then.  So  we had to do our big boy speech.  We finally diverted his attention by giving him our iHone and that seemed to appease him for about 20 minutes.  When he was done, he calmly handed it back to me and fell back asleep.  

This morning, he was still asleep when I left but J sent me periodic updates of Nathan's day.  Despite eating breakfast this morning and having a whole cup of water, he kept walking around looking for his dear old friend ba.  He even tries to melt our hearts by asking, "Milk bah, pease?" I know this is for his own good.  I wish he could understand why we  are doing this even though I'm sure he feels as if we are torturing him.  Hopefully tonight will be a little easier.  If anybody has tips on weening, please feel free to pass them along.  Off to try and get some sleep.  Night night.  Don't let the bed bugs bite.

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