OOTD: Dots, dots everywhere...

From my head,
Down to my toes.
But I do not like spots on my nose.  

Sweater, Skirt: JCrew, Pumps: Enzo Angiolini 

I think I need to read something other than Dr. Seuss.  Nathan has turned into quite a little bookworm these days.  He took a break from books.  Maybe it had something to do with him reading every book at Casa de Nana's 20 times a day.  Just a hunch.  Now, anytime we go into his room he wants to plop down in my lap and read a book or 50 until we need to move onto the next task.  Of course, instead of reading it 20 times we read it 50 and any attempt to try and pick another book results in his go-go- gadget arm grabbing the previous book.  I think we'll be stopping at Barnes and Noble tonight to get him some new books and pick me up a copy of Cupcakes and Cashmere.  Toodles!

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