Nathan: Kitchen Renovation

Sadly, our kitchen did not get renovated but we got Nathan a brand, spankin', new kitchen! Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

He has been OBSESSED with a Youtube video of a little boy cooking in his play kitchen.  Then my co-worker showed me the kitchen her mother-in-law bought for her 2-year-old's birthday present.  I loved it and knew that Nathan would too.  It took 3 hours to put together but surprisingly those three hours flew by because when I was done it was 1am.  Whoa.

So as soon as Nathan woke up, I told him there was a surprise in his room for him and he happily followed me through the house.  Didn't even wait for me to put clothes on him.  He is in love with this little kitchen.  Anytime J or I leave his room, he comes to find us, grabs our finger and leads us back to the kitchen.  Hope he's cooking us something yummy!

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