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If I have not mentioned it yet this year that I am in love with polka dots, well, this is your warning.  I LOVE POLKA DOTS and I have been buying up everything I can in the spotty pattern.  So it was no surprise that I liked the the Perfect Shirt in Chambray Polka Dot from JCrew.  It was beyond like.  I was 'in like' with the thing as soon as I saw it.

Surely the JCrew version wasn't all that was out there.  So off to the interwebz I went to try and find a similar shirt and I came across this shirt from GAP for a more reasonable $49. 

Source: Gap (No longer available)
But multiple attempts to try and order it resulted in an error message telling me that things (the dang shirt) had been removed from my basket due to overwhelming demand.  Well shoot.  So as soon as I got home and Nathan was asleep, I trekked out to the mall to see if I could find one in store.  Got there only to be told that new items are put online a week before the stores get them.  Well double shoot.  So off I went.

Since I was out and about Nathan free, I decided to swing by Old Navy and return a pair of polka dot capris I had bought in duplicates for sizing purposes.  As I waited for the the cashier to process my return, hidden in the rack of camp shirts, I spied, with my tired, bloodshot eyes this polka dot, chambray shirt (Can a sentence have anymore commas?  I think I may have even missed a few.)  Hmmm...why have I never seen this online?  

Shirt:  Old Navy, Skirt: JCrew, Shoes: Simply Vera Vera Wang

It was perfect.  And the best part?  It was only $27 including tax.  It was funny because when I walked back up to the cashier to pay for it, she looked at me and said, "So you returned polka dots and are buying more polka dots?"  Yes.  Yes I am.

J was just as confused because I told him I was going to the mall and when he called to see where I was, this was the conversation that ensued:

Him:  "Where are you?"
Me:  "I'm making a return at Old Navy."
Him: "So you're returning what you just bought?  You didn't even bring it home and you're already returning it?"
Me:  "No.  I didn't find what I was looking for at GAP and now I'm returning something else to Old Navy."

So imagine his confusion when I still ended up walking through the door carrying an Old Navy bag.  You don't get off that easy J.

As I've said in previous posts, Old Navy seems to have a lot of items that look like JCrew items.  This shirt seems to be another example of this.


Fit:  I got an XS and I think it fits true to size as far as Old Navy sizing goes.  I think the only issue I have is that I wish it were a tad longer for tucking in purposes.  I also like that I don't have to worry about that pesky gaping between buttons like I did with the old one.  The ultimate test was tying a knot in the front to see if it would gape and no gape could be seen.

Composition:  My previous chambray shirt was 100% cotton but felt thin.  This one is also 100% cotton but it feels heavier material and feels more like denim.  The other one just looked like denim.  Hopefully, it is thicker and means it will hold up better than my old one that was starting to fray along the back seam.

So if you've been searching for a chambray shirt for oh...5.5 seconds, I'd check with your local Old Navy and see if they have any in your store since they dont' seem to be online or you can call an Old Navy and ask them to look for item number 153297 0000.  Happy shopping!

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