OOTD: Spilling the beans

So I've been trying to take my outfit photos first thing in the morning before anybody gets to the office but this morning the Aggie beat me to the office.  He would be one of the slackers I mentioned last week.  Ha.  Oh yeah...and the one who said I looked like a United Colors of Benetton catalog. So I didn't take my outfit picture this morning because I didn't even know how I would begin to explain why I was taking a picture of myself.


But knowing that somebody hadn't taken a nap, I figured I should take my picture before I left the office.  I quickly unloaded the tripod, snapped this picture and jumped into my car but not before the Aggie started walking to his car with a puzzled look on his face.  He asked me if everything was okay and I finally spilled the beans that I take pictures of my outfits.  Should I even tell you what his reaction was?  Of course he laughed and asked me how I took my pictures.  Tripod.  Where do I usually take them?  Everywhere.  I already know where I'm going to take tomorrow's picture.  Why?  Why not?  Bossman likes to wear jeans and pressed button ups, usually white so he can see if he can spill anything  on it.  The Aggie likes to be a little more adventurous and will at least mix it up with polos and some color.  And they both wear boots.  I prefer heels but I do have to say I have kind of wanted some really cool cowboy boots but just thought that would make me look silly.  As if these pictures and this blog isn't silly enough.  

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