OOTD: No iron required

Today I hadn't planned on wearing this but this morning I had to find something that didn't require any ironing. 
Chambray Shirt: Old Navy (similar here), Dress, Shoes: Nine West 'Balboa' Sandal (similar here)

Nathan decided that 6 o'clock sounded like a good time to go to sleep last night but then he woke up at around midnight ready to play.  So I decided that since we were up, I'd go ahead and iron what I had planned to wear.  I was almost done ironing my skirt but heard a sizzle, followed by a burning smell.  I looked down and realized the iron had caught on fire.  I blew out the lone flame and put it down in the cradle to reach around the ironing board and unplug the thing all the while screaming because sparks were coming from the iron.  Nathan came in and said, "HOT.  (Imagine Mr. Bill voice here) Ohhhhhh....NOOOOOOOO."  I think Nathan was terrified that the HOT would come back because he kept running back to the room, pointing at the ironing board and would repeat his warning.  Nothing that a car ride and a milk shake couldn't erase from his mind.

Maybe this appliance meltdown (meltdown get it?  I crack myself up.) could start a new wardrobe challenge.  Go 30 days without having to pull out the iron but then I'd just take everything to the dry cleaners.  After last night, that doesn't sound like a bad idea.

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