OOTD: The garden house

As much as I kind of get creeped out by our old office/house on the hill, it does have a few perks.  For one, we have an office garden.  Farmer Andy (not to be confused with Andy Farmer from the movie Funny Farm) tends it and I think someday the goal is that he will sell the produce at the farmer's market.  This year he has been maintaining our properties and hasn't had a whole lot of time to dedicate to the garden.  Luckily, nature has been helping care for it because so far it has been a pretty wet July and we get to enjoy fresh veggies.  I love walking past the garden and smelling the fragrant basil.  Mmmmm...caprese salad anybody?

Top: JCrew, Skirt: Anthropologie, Shoes (they're sold out in the brown but the black are still available. I'd go down half a size if you decide to get them.  :-)

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