OOTD: Green Shorts, Take 2

This year I have been kind of obsessed with anything Kelly green and so I've been buying up everything in the bright hue.  Remember when I bought these shorts from Madwell a couple months ago?

I loved the green stripes but they just looked odd on me.  So back they went.  So I was so excited when I saw Tara of Mix and Match Fashion, posted these shorts last week.


I got them this week and am very happy with them.  These shorts are 98% cotton and 2% spandex and the length is perfect.  Even as short as I am,  I've had a hard time finding shorts that aren't on the brink of being indecent.  Ha.  I think the polka dots on these shorts look much better than the stripes on the Madwell shorts because I like that these shorts are more green than the Madewell pair.  I also think that these Old Navy shorts are a more vibrant shade of green than the other pair.  If you remember my Madewell review, I was looking for something green and  polka dots.  So these shorts were just what I was looking for.  Green and polka dots?  I'll take 'em!  For $22.94 plus 20% off, these shorts were a great find.  This'll be a pretty popular piece for weekend errands and activities with Nathan.  

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