OOTD: Casual Tuesday

Today felt weird because I kept forgetting it was only Tuesday but since we're off tomorrow for Independence Day, I decided that this week is going to need two casual days.  So out came the maxi skirt.  I have a hard time trying to decide what to wear on casual days and I just threw this on today.

I really need a belt but all my belts seem a little too stuffy for this casual outfit.  It is casual Tuesday after all and belts are optional.

What does everybody have planned for the 4th?  I think we're going to do a whole lot of nothing.  Although I will be running the Freedom 5000 tomorrow morning.  Hopefully I don't melt.  In a way I'm glad that the 4th is on a Wednesday.  It splits up the week into equal parts.  But then I hate that it's on a Wednesday because the whole fun of the 4th is staying up to watch the fireworks, enjoy an adult bevy and then sleep in the next day but I'll be back at work on Thursday and that means Thursday will feel like Monday all over again.  So having two Fridays instead of one is not worth it to me if I have to go through two Mondays in one week.  Were you able to follow all that?  Me either.  Toodles!

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