Nathan: Lockdown

Last July 4th we were supposed to go to the lake to hang out with our friends.  But Nathan developed a diaper rash that just would not quit.  The pediatrician gave us a prescription for some Happy Hiney and instructed us to bathe him after each dirty diaper.  We've been doing this routine religiously every time he develops a diaper rash.  We've been lucky the last few months and haven't had resort to our old routine.  But yesterday after swim class, I brought him home and his little toosh was inflamed and raw.  I did give him some different food yesterday for breakfast before we went to swim class but we also wonder if his sensitive skin just didn't like the chlorine.  I guess we won't be able to find out until he's all healed up and he can go back.  Which looks like will be at least two weeks since Jenny's baby shower is next week.

When Nathan has these horrible diaper rash episodes, we pretty much can't leave the house because we need to be near a bathtub to thoroughly clean him.  To make matters even more difficult, it seems that when he's stuck at home and bored, he has a dirty diaper every 30 minutes.  He woke up at 10:30 this morning and he's already had seven baths.  It's just now 5:00.  Poor little guy was in so much pain and so upset that this last bath was all he could take and he finally fell asleep in my arms after I wrapped him in his towel.  Naps and any sleep are good because then it means 3-4 hours of sleep and no dirty diapers to give his hiney a break.   

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