Nathan: Light switch

I thought I had Nathan figured out ( many times have parents said that before?) but just when I start to get into his little groove and patterns he throws a curve ball. We've been going to Gymboree since March and he loved it.

But those happy, fun days are of the past.  For the last month of classes he turns into a screaming mess before we even get out of the car.  As soon as I put him down, he turns  and starts pointing to the front door demanding to, "Go Home."  So I reluctantly oblige.  So this past weekend, I finally threw in the towel and I cancelled Nathan's membership to Gymboree.  Can't say I didn't try.

So I'm late to the game but I finally signed Nathan up for swim classes at the beginning of July.  He loved taking them last year.  This year I managed to find a place that had later class times since Nathan, okay all of us, like to sleep in on Saturdays.  It's damn near impossible to make it to a 9am class.  So his first class a few weeks ago was great.  And of course last week somebody flipped the switch and he screamed the whole five minutes we were there.  I tried to ask the instructor what she suggested I do.  On one hand, I don't want to give into his fear but I also don't think it's fair for the other parents in the class to be subjected to hearing my child scream the whole 30 minute class.  Plus, it was like a domino effect.  Nathan's high pitch screaming started to unnerve another little boy and his top lip disappeared into a frightened little pout.  So this one time we left.  The only downside to the swim class is that they require a month's cancellation notice.  So once I had dried him off and changed him into dry clothes, I went ahead and gave our notice just in case he doesn't ever come around to this whole swimming thing.  If he hates it, then we're done after four weeks but if he has a change of heart, then we'll reinstate his membership.  I can't tell if the switch was on or off this past weekend.  Maybe the lightbulb was just out of juice by the time we got to class this weekend because there was some whimpering, as well as some giggles as he motored through the water.

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