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So I had originally posted about the completed headboard yesterday in my post about being on lockdown but decided that my handy work needed it's own post.  Yes I'm just a bit of a blog post whore like that.  Plus I managed to get some better pictures of the finished product.  Yay for better pictures. They're not a whole lot better because it was gross and dark outside so I had horrible lighting. Photobucket



It took me a little longer than expected because I upholstered it the first time (yes I said FIRST) and was ready for the nail heads but when we flipped it over, realized there was a huge line down the middle of the drop cloth that was going to drive J crazy.  So I had to go get a replacement cloth and pull out all the staples from the first drop cloth.  The second drop cloth went on without a hitch and then I started putting in the nail heads.  Putting in the nail heads was a pain because if you didn't hit it JUST right, the nail head would move.  I had completed one side and was about to start on the top but then realized that the nail heads weren't going to line up.  From the side, there was double plywood because there was the headboard portion and then we used a second piece of plywood to make the legs.  But the top did not have this second layer of plywood.  And go figure, I had put the nail heads on the plywood I had used for the legs.  So once again I had to pull out the nail heads and staples   By then the cloth looked like crap.  Third time's a charm right?  I will admit that since this final version was the third time I'd upholstered it, it did come out better looking than the first two.

Now that I've finished my first real big project, I feel like I can do just about anything.  With adult (Jason) supervision of course.  I'm sure had he not been there I would have lost a few fingers or stapled myself to the headboard.  Off to Pinterest to find my next project.  Toodles!

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