Stay-cation and projects

This week was a short work week for me because I'm taking some time off for a much needed stay-cation.  So since it was was a short week, all my outfits were repeats and why I haven't blogged this week.  I have lots of lunches and activities planned for my time off with Nathan and maybe a project or two.

The huge one that I decided to tackle was the drop cloth headboard that I found on the blog Tenth Avenue South.    From the sound of it, Susanne was able to finish the whole project in a day.  Since this is my first attempt at DIY'ing anything, it's taking me a little longer to complete.  We started this process on Sunday but so far so good.  Not to mention I have to chase Nathan off so he doesn't get hurt in this hard hat zone but I will say that this project has turned into a family bonding project because everybody has pitched in.

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To ensure I kept all my fingers, we asked Jason's Uncle Paul if he could help us cut the wood.  He has a whole garage full of tools and gizmos perfect for these types of projects.   Thirty minutes later and we had....

This.  I love the smell of fresh cut wood.  It reminds me of my childhood and my dad building something in the garage.  Once the wood was cut, it was onto adhering the foam to the wood using a spray adhesive.  

Susanne used 1" foam but we opted for the 2" foam sheets from JoAnn's.  Hopefully it holds up and prevents Nathan's head from breaking the plywood when he headbutts it.  

Nathan decided to add some character to the wood and used the clamp as a hammer.  Good thing this side is the back of the headboard.

Photobucket And here's the finished product! 

I suck at manual focus even with such a huge object to focus on.  Ha.  I still need to adhere/staple the excess fabric to the bottom of the left leg and put the nailheads in once they arrive.  I have yet to order them.  That''s one of the things on my to-do list for tomorrow while on my stay-cation.  It wasn't horribly hard and I managed to assemble it with little injury.  I did manage to get a few bruises and scraped the back of my foot when I lost my grip on it and it fell.  Luckily Nathan was on the other side of the room. Can't wait to put this thing in our room.  Still trying decide if I need to put D-rings on the back of it to mount it to the wall because it is such a heavy piece of furniture.  I'll try and take better pictures when I have daylight but I just couldn't wait until tomorrow to show off our handy work.

UPDATE:  I just realized that I never posted a picture of the finished headboard.  So I snapped a few this morning.


Not too bad if I say so myself.  

And here's a close up of the side detailing.  

I love how it came out.  It's been about six months since I built it and it's held up extremely well.  This  is the headboard in our master bedroom and I'm glad I used the 2" foam as opposed to the 1" because as expected, it didn't take Nathan long before he was head butting it to check it's sturdiness.  

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