OOTD: What's easier than a repeat?

A new outfit.  Nathan must not have gotten the memo that I was going back to work today because he was partying until 2AM.  So thinking was not something I wanted to do this morning.  Anyway, remember how in this post I threw together a white "dress"?  Well while I was at Target yesterday stocking up on Pull Ups and diapers (YAY!), I strolled on over to the sale section and found the perfect white dress for the summer for only $12.48.

Blazer: Banana Republic Factory, Dress: Target, Pumps: Enzo Angiolini, Purse: Kate Spade

The headboard is still in our dining room because I may or may not have made it a little too tall.  We need to borrow a skill saw to cut 5" off the legs.  Whoops.  I'm also still trying to figure out where to get the nail heads.  I've been told there's a place locally that has a plethora of upholstering supplies, including nail heads.  It's just trying to find the time to get there because it's on the other side of town.  I think Nathan and I will be making a trip there on Saturday.  So for the time being, you'll be seeing the headboard in my pics.  Unless....I take my trusty camera and tripod on the road.  Hmmmmm...we'll see.  

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