OOTD: Turning on the brights

So since I started taking my pictures outdoors I've just been leaving my tripod in the car.  You know.  Ready at a moment's notice in case I come across an awesome spot to take a picture.  But this morning I realized that it was my morning to take Nathan to Casa de Nana and being lazy on these days, I didn't feel like running out to the car and setting everything up.  I also kind of like having our dining room table back which is where my tripod lived.  Anyway, so today's photo is brought to you by my lovely iPhone.  

Shirt: Jcrew, Skirt: JCrew, Bag: Kate Spade, Pumps: Enzo Angiolini

As you can see, not even bad lighting and a horrible iPhone camera could dull the brightness of this outfit.  You should have seen it in all it's bright glory.  Anyway, I planned on trying to take an outdoor pic tomorrow to end the week but J's got an early morning "team building" breakfast.  So I'll be taking Nathan to Casa tomorrow.  So I have a feeling my laziness will overtake me and I will resort to an iPhone photo.  That is, if I decide to take a pic tomorrow.  The AC at the office went kaputz and so I foresee shorts and flip flops for my Friday outfit.  Talk about casual Friday.  

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