OOTD: Manic Monday

Hiya everybody!  How was everybody's weekend?  

Nathan and I ACTUALLY made it to the 9:15 Gymboree class on Saturday and then went to the splash park.  If you do not know what a splash park is, here's a video I managed to take on Saturday.

We haven't been to too many splash parks so I don't have a whole lot to compare it to but it is AWESOME.  It is within the Southwest Williamson County Regional Park in Leander, Texas.  Inside the park, there are baseball fields, soccer fields, playscapes, picnic pavilions and there's even a train.  I'm sure I'm forgetting something like a pink unicorn or something.  That's just how awesome this place is.  There's so much stuff there that we could spend the whole day there but we only stayed an hour before we packed up and went to run our other errands.  

Sunday was a lazy day, with all three of us waking up at 10:30.  Thank you Nathan!  But I just wasn't feeling great so I took an early afternoon nap while Nathan and J went and ran errands.  By the time I woke up and they got home, Nathan had conked out for the night.  Or so we had thought.  J and I were about to get ready to go to sleep when Nathan started chirping at 11:30 and then didn't go back to sleep until 3AM.  I guess it was good that I had my afternoon nap.  Otherwise, I would not have survived our midnight play session.  I finally decided I needed to get some sleep and managed to entice him back to bed with the warm glow of my iPhone.

It's a good thing I had an idea of what I wanted to wear before I went to sleep because it helped make today less manic than it could have been.  That rarely happens.  Maybe it was the lack of sleep that helped me reach my wardrobe zen.

Shirt: Old Navy, Skirt: mother-in-law garage find, Shoes, Belt: Banana Republic

I'm supposed to go get a haircut on Wednesday.  I still haven't decided if I want to just get a trim or get it into a lob.  At this point I'm contemplating keeping it long mainly for days like today.  It was so easy just to throw my hair up in a bun with my handy, dandy Goody Spin Pins and run out the door.  No more disheveled, limp, greasy looking hair in my face.  Nathan's not a fan of the updo because he points at my hair instructing me to remove the hair tie.  He woke up this morning just before I walked out the door and of course tried pulling my hair off my head.  Hmmmm...now that I think about it, I wonder what he would do if I did come home with a lob.  I'm almost scared to find out.  Okay...off I go for a hot run and then hopefully to get some rest.  Toodles!

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