OOTD: United Colors of Benawhoooo?

The guy in the office has been commenting that I look like a United Colors of Benneton ad with all the bright colors I've been wearing this spring.  Who?  What?  Okay...maybe I kind of remember seeing their ads back when I was flipping through Seventeen and YM (do they still even make YM anymore?) in my tween years. 

Shirt, Skirt, Shoes, Nails: OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips
I think I must be going color blind because I bought this shirt the other day and could have sworn it was navy and couldn't wait to pair it with my succulent green JCrew No. 2 pencil skirt in double serge cotton.  But on my way to work this morning, it looked more like the color of a blue iris.

These skirts are amazing.  They feel so soft for cotton.  They were originally $110 BUT they were marked down to $34.99 with an EXTRA 30% off in store.  I managed to pick up the succulent green, marakkech purple and the neon tweed.  They also had it in Caribbean tweed but it was still $79.99 and even with the 30% off I just couldn't justify buying it.   I tried on the 2 and you could see every little imperfection under the skirt.  I ended up getting the 4 and thought it fit fine but when I looked at a profile view of myself, realized I may need to take these skirts to the tailor to get taken in a bit because from the side this is what I look like.


Yikes!  I think there might just be a tad to much fabric towards the bottom of this skirt.  Hopefully taking it in on the sides will fix the weird bell look at the front of it.   Since I got all the skirts for so cheap it won't be a huge deal to spend a little bit of money to get them tailored.  I ended up paying $83.32 for all three skirts which is still less than what one of them would have cost at full price.  I will say that the one pitfall of this skirt is that it wrinkles like crazy but I also think it has to do with the fact that it's a tad big for me.  Hopefully, once I get it tailored it won't wrinkle nearly as much.  So, if you like skirts as much as I do, you may want to go pick up a few of these skirts.

Don't have a JCrew near you?  Call a store.  Any store and listen to the automated options.  There should be an option (I think it was 2) to speak to somebody to locate it for you.  If they are able to find it they can ship it to your house.  If you DO have a store nearby you and you still can't find the size you need, they can try and locate it using the red phone and you can get free shipping.  Items purchased on sale with the 30% off are final sale.  So I suggest you go to try it on if you're unsure of sizing.  Good luck and may the deal be with you!  Toodles!

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