Shopaholic Log: I'm still alive!

But just barely because I just about wanted to die on Monday.  Why?  Because I turned the big 3-0.  So this week I've been kind of MIA as I mourn the passing of my tweenties and consoling myself with some retail therapy.  So this is going to be a post of some of the things I've bought during my blogging absence.

First up...

What girl doesn't like flowers?  Don't get me wrong.  I LOVE flowers but I told Jason not to bother getting me flowers for Mother's Day.  For special occasions, like Mother's Day, I'd rather have something that's tangible that I'll hopefully keep for longer than a week.  So the solution?  Shoes with flowers ON them.

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I'm not a huge classics TOMS fan.  Thank goodness they started making some with patterns on them to detract from the weird, elongating effect they have on feet.  Now they just look like cute flats with pattern on them.  I had been obsessing over these floral TOMS since the beginning of spring but never moved on them.  Of course the week I decide to try and buy them they were sold out.  I frantically searched the web to find a place that still had them in stock in my small and elusive size 5.5.  When I thought all hope was gone, I ventured back over to the TOMS website and they had restocked them in all sizes.  Of course 5.5 was already sold out by the time I realized that they were back in stock.  So I ended up buying the 5 and the 6 and planned on returning the ones that didn't fit.  I LOVE them.  I think they'll be great for adding a little fun to my otherwise colorful but bland weekend wardrobe.

Second item I purchased as a birthday present to myself was the Kate Spade Bond Street Florence in Flo Coral.  

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I had been wanting a colorful bag for a while and liked the style of this bag.  It was on sale and in addition to the sales price, I had a coupon code that was good for an extra 25% off after a previous order had been lost by UPS.  So it was kind of a no brainer.  The only problem I had was choosing a color.  I couldn't decide between the Flo Coral or the Stunning Pink.  After much debate and several opinions from friends, I opted for the coral.  When I opened up the box, I seriously thought that Kate Spade had sent me a construction safety vest because it was BRIGHT.  I knew I wanted a colorful bag but I'm not sure if I anticipated this bright of a color.  I've been carrying it since yesterday and it's starting to grow on me.

The day of my birthday was as low key as Mother's Day.  Jason and Nathan came home with cupcakes from Be My Cupcake.  Yum and then we made our way to the in-laws house.  They kind of know how much I like to shop (surprise, surprise) and so they bought me a $75 gift card to Ulta.  I didn't waste any time putting it to use.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone AppI can't remember the last time I wore perfume so I thought that it would be nice to find a scent to wear on a daily basis.  I walked into Ulta and was just overwhelmed by the different brands of perfume that are out there and it was a really hard decision but I finally settled on Summer Grace by Philosphy.  My mother-in-law loves the original Grace spray but it didn't really appeal to me, so I was surprised when I ended up picking the Summer Grace.  I had also been wanting to try the Tarte Amazonian Clay blush and the MagnifEYE primer and mascara but I just didn't want to commit to the full size versions of the products.  So I was thrilled when I saw these little travel size versions of both products by the checkout line.  I'm liking both products so far.  I've been using Nars Orgasm blush but by the end of the day, I just felt like my face looked washed out.  The Tarte Amazonian clay blush is formulated for 12 hours of wear.  We shall see.  As much as I love Diorshow, I needed a new tube of something because my Diorshow is starting to get crusty and my eyelashes have been starting to look tarantulas.  Hopefully by using my Latisse, the MagnifEYE primer, mascara and my Sephora heated eyelash curler, I can finally look like I have lashes.  The lengths I'll go to for the illusion of long lashes.

Yesterday was the first day of Anthropologie's Tag Sale so I figured I'd mosey on over there since they also happened to send me my 15% birthday discount.  While I didn't really see anything that wowed me in the sale section, I have been trying to find a peplum top after seeing this outfit on Atlantic-Pacific and had been drooling over one that is available through Anthropologie but for $78, I just couldn't bring myself to buy it.  But since I got the 15% birthday discount I figured why not?

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I had a skirt that's very similar to the Atlantic-Pacific outfit but when I put the two pieces together last night, it just looked silly.  So it's a work in progress.  This shirt definitely has a lot of potential and I think will look great with my rainbow of pencil skirts.  It's definitely not your typical white top. 

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