Review: Madwell Fail

I ordered a few things from Madewell this week and was so excited to get them.  When they finally got here, my excitement went away when I put the pieces on.

With a peplum top, the Silk Dotty Passenger Skirt is super cute.  I've been trying to find a polka dot skirt FOREVER.  


but with a normal shirt tucked in....


It looks like crap.  While a size small fits, my main problem with this skirt is the elastic waistband.  Who puts an elastic waistband on a silk skirt?  Better question is...why would you put an elastic waistband on a silk skirt?  As soon as I put the skirt on, the waistband flipped into the skirt.  So it kind of looked like it had a bubble hem at the top.  Weird.    

The side view of this skirt wasn't much better or flattering.  So back it went and my search for a polka dot skirt continues. 

The second item I bought were these Bungalow Stripe Panorama Shorts in a size 6 after seeing this outfit on Cupcakes and  Cashmere.  This year I've been kind of obsessed with trying to find something green to add to my wardrobe.  I just had to have them.

Yeah.  I definitely don't look nearly as put together as Emily does in her outfit.


I look like I'm about to go jump into bed for the night.  Or I'd been eating way too much chips and queso.  Probably didn't help that they were also the wrong size but since I've never ordered anything from Madewell, I figured I better buy bigger.  I doubt they would have looked much better even in the correct size.  Plus, Emily has LEGS.  Which I seem to be lacking.  Oh well.  I won't completely give up on Madewell but it might be a little while before I order from them again.  

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