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Now that I am no longer in my 20s, I guess I should try to take better care of my skin.  After having Nathan, my skin has been breaking out like I was going through puberty all over again.  J talks about how much he likes his dermatologist so I decided to make an appointment to see what he thought I needed to do about my breakouts.  As soon as the doctor walked in, he recommended a 20% sacylic acid peel, Epiduo, Spironolactone, Monodox AND Glytone Mild Gel Face Wash.  I followed his instructions but after a day of using the Epiduo, my whole face was covered in bumps.  I thought I was having an allergic reaction to the stuff but once I started Googling, I realized that it was a common side effect that could last up to three months.  THREE MONTHS?!?!  No thanks.  I quickly stopped using the Epiduo.  

I never filled the Spironolacton because it is a blood pressure reducer with the side effect of giving you flawless skin.  I already have low blood pressure as it is.  When I went into the doctor's office I checked-in at 103/69 and J was concerned about my blood pressure getting any lower.  

So that left me with Monodox and the Glytone Mild Gel Face Wash.  So far so good with the Monodox.  No major adverse reactions that I can tell.  When I have actually been able to take the medication.  The dermatologist gave me a bunch of samples and a savings card to get the prescription filled for $10, otherwise, the medication before insurance (which denied it btw) was going to be $1000.  Yikes.  But good word.  It took me two weeks of pleading with insurance and the pharmacy to get the two of them to figure out how to activate the savings card from their end.  Finally got the call yesterday that the pharmacy called the savings card and got pre-authorized only after I realized the pharmacist was the mom of one of the toddlers that was in my class during my daycare career.  If I hadn't recognized her, I think I'd still be trying to get the dang prescription filled.  

But I think the product that has made the biggest impact on my skin has got to be the Glytone Mild Gel  Face Wash.
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It is seriously the BEST.STUFF.EVER.  I've been using this face wash for a month now and my skin has never felt or looked better in my life.  I've always been slightly obsessed with my pores and would be so grossed out when I'd look at them and they'd have gunk in them.  This face wash my friends gets rid of all that gunk.  So much so that I think if I were to go get a facial at a spa, I don't think there would be anything to extract.  My main trouble areas were my t-zone area:  between the brows, nose, the sides of my nose and chin.  But this face wash got rid of all of those pesky little bumps from clogged pores.  Even better...this stuff only cost $20 at the dermatologist's office.  While there are sites that sell Glytone products, I highly recommend purchasing from a dermatologist's office because they can help you customize a face care regimen tailored specifically to your needs.  I'd also feel more confident buying from the dermatologist's office to ensure the quality of the products meets the manufacturer's standards.  As much as I like saving money, I'm also slightly paranoid about ordering stuff like this online.  Not sure where you can find Glytone products?  Glytone has a physician finder here.  Now that I've had such great results with just the face wash, I'm trying to decide what product I should ask the dermatologist about next.  Off to see the doctor!

***Disclaimer***  These reviews are based on my own experience with the products.  I have not been compensated by the companies to publish these reviews.  Please consult a dermatologist to discuss if these products are right for you.  

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  1. Another quality beauty product! exclaims my wife. She's always using products like this, and it's quite effective. She's still beautiful as ever.
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