OOTD: Untied

Sorry for the long absence.  Nathan decided it would be fun to tie me to a chair and have free reign of the house.  I have just now finally worked myself free from my Silly String restraints.  Well, not really but I figured I needed to give some sort of excuse for my lack of posting.

Last week was just crazy busy, busy, BUSY.  Started off with my mother-in-law needing to go in for a dentist appointment due to some major tooth pain.  Then Wednesday was Nathan's 2 year well-check.  And if my week wasn't busy enough, Jason woke up on Friday seeing double in one eye.  So he scheduled an emergency appointment with the eye doctor that I drove him to.  Scratched cornea.  Yikes.  Hopefully this week will be a little calmer.  Here's hoping.  Okay so in case this week gets crazy, here's an outfit for ya.  This is what I wore yesterday for brunch with my friend, Jenny, at ZTejas.  Mmmm...migas.

Top, Pants: Old Navy, Shoes:  Nine West

I'm kinda in like with this shirt but good word, me thinks I need to start taking pictures of my outfits before I walk out the door.  I would not have walked out the door in these pants had I known they looked this bad.  This is also another reason I rarely wear pants.  Lesson learned.

So today I slipped back into my wardrobe comfort zone.  


This dress has been buried at the bottom of my laundry hamper for a few months now.  The instructions say to hand wash it but I'm lazy these days and just finally decided to throw it in with the rest of my clothes.  Luckily it survived the hazing from the rest of the laundry and emerged unscathed by stains or bleeding.  Some pieces aren't that lucky. 

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