OOTD: Goofin' around

Nathan woke up bright and early yesterday morning and decided he wanted to play.  

Silly       Silly
Top:  JCrew Outlet, Skirt:  JCrew Outlet, Pumps:  Target

He's my little bundle of energy.  Now if only he'd share some of that energy with his tired, old mama.  More on the "old" part of that next statement next week.  

Today he decided to sleep in after waking up in a raging fit at about 7 because I think some his pesky molars were coming in.  I sadly was not home to try and comfort the little guy because I was out for a run.  When I got home, I found him having a bottle and he dozed back off again.  So I got ready without my little sidekick this morning.  It didn't quite feel the same without him re-organizing my makeup drawer and adding his usual flare to my pictures.

So ya'll have to look at my funky mug today.  
Top:  Target, Skirt:  JCrew, Belt:  Came with a skirt from Kohl's, Pumps:  Target

Today was another gray, soggy, cool day and I picked the wrong outfit to wear.  Anything below 75 degrees and I'm freezing.  It stayed below 70 until right before quitting time.  But we needed the rain so I guess there's worst things than freezing.  Nothing that my space heater and some hot Zen tea can't remedy.  

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