OOTD: Gala Style

It took a whole weekend of resting but I finally feel human after a crazy hectic gala.

Like I mentioned in my last post, the theme for the gala was 007 License to Bid.  So I tried to find something that looked like something you'd see on James Bond.

And this was what I came up with.  A volunteer's 12 year old daughter said I looked like Angelina Jolie.  Wish I had her huge honkin' rock to go with the ensemble.  Oh yeah.  And Brad Pitt wouldn't be bad either.

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What a night.  I think we made about half our goal just in silent auction sales, live auction sales, Fund a Need and Heads and Tails.  That's not including the sponsorships we got and ticket sales.  So I think the event was a success even though we had a few technical difficulties.  The Manor Education Foundation finally decided to join the technology age and purchased some software that was supposed to help with check-in and check-out but it was a little difficult to navigate and use.  Thank goodness Phillip with Greater Giving was there to help us.  Plus, our computers decided to shut down right before check-out, ran out of paper, printers ran out of ink to print receipts.  So that meant we were down to one working computer.  Hopefully next year we'll have more time to learn the software and be better prepared.  I think that once we know the software a little more, it'll definitely be an asset for us.

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